Sink Steps Forward

8 01 2009

Real leadership has been difficult to come by in the Capitol for the Democrats. As we’ve chronicled all week the Democrats themselves have been complicit in many of the reckless fiscal actions taken by the Republican majority since 1999.  All too often Democrats have been silent partners in the undoing of the state’s moral obligation to its citizens.

Alex Sink, the Chief Financial Officer of the State has stepped forward at a critical time to articulate to Legislative Democrats her concerns about the current budget discussion. Sink has expressed concerns about the dipping into trust funds for money as well as leaving savings accounts with too little money. She has also put forth some cost cutting suggestions which the Legislative Democrats would be foolish to not advance on the House and Senate floors.

These include:

–  Hiring more auditors, who can increase collections for the state
–  Moving certain public employees to a four day work week
–  Eliminating printing costs of several book and other publications
–  Using so-called “School Recognition” funds for more essential school needs, or eliminating that spending altogether;
–   Means testing Bright Futures’ scholarships.

None of the above suggestions is particularly pleasant to discuss under normal circumstances but in this climate they are more palatable then raiding trust funds and violating basic budgetary principles. The Democrats would be wise to follow CFO Sink’s suggestions and push as hard as possible to incorporate them in the budget.




One response

8 01 2009
Caribou Barbie

Alex Sink needs to run for Governor of Florida. She has the common sense to bring this state back to where it should be. She is a realist, unlike Crist who is just concerned of what people think of him.

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