Non Ideological GOP needed Jeb Bush

10 01 2009

Under George W. Bush’s leadership nationally, and Charlie Crist’s leadership in Florida, the Republican party has adopted a meandering ideology alternating between hard core social conservatism, mushy moderation and in President Bush’s case Wilsonian idealism on the federal and foreign policy level. In other words, the GOP stands for nothing besides consistently calling for tax cuts.

The Republican Party both in Florida and nationally needed Jeb Bush. The former Florida Governor is a serious figure, and a towering one at that. His ideology and agenda are perfectly clear: less government, less personal freedom, and radical education reform. This website does not agree with Governor Bush on hardly any issue, but our contributor have  never previously wondered aloud where he stood on an issue or how he would handle it.

For a party like the GOP whose ship currently lacks a rudder and whose crisis management borders on comical, the decision of Governor Bush to skip the US Senate race is very damaging. Bush could have clearly defined the principles of the Republican Party for Florida voters, with whom he has always been popular. Once elected, Senator Bush would have quickly emerged as a towering figure in the national GOP, more serious, better spoken and more ideologically pure than his failed brother, our current President.

Jeb Bush would have been a titan on the national political scene. His decision not to run for the US Senate has implications beyond a single US Senate seat, and for that the Democrats should be breathing a sigh of relief.




2 responses

10 01 2009

I’m not sure what you are talking about here. The GOP is TOO ideological which is why Crist is more popular and seen as a more likely national figure than Jeb was.

13 01 2009
GOP Operative

A good piece, but honestly Jeb just wants some time away. He’ll be back in the game at some point.

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