Obama’s Cabinet: Lacking Floridians

12 01 2009

By Kartik Krishnaiyer

The mainstream media loves Barack Obama. That’s no secret. It’s little wonder why the President elect’s incoming cabinet appointments have not gotten the type of media scrutiny the past two Presidents both of whom were Southerners received from the media. George W. Bush did not win the Presidency in a conventional nor legitimate fashion so that scrutiny can be excused. But President Clinton who won nationally by a similar percentage margin as Barack Obama did, and by a similar electoral vote total was racked over the coals for his cabinet appointments.

Barack Obama won Florida on election day, signaling a shift in electoral fortunes for Democrats in this purple state. Obama was the first Democrat to clear 51% of the vote in the state since Jimmy Carter and only the second since Franklin Roosevelt to do so. Yet Obama has selected a cabinet made up largely of the sort of names that indicate he is seeking approval from the northeastern elites in the national media and not from the citizens that elected him. A centrist group made up largely of big names, the cabinet lacks any sort of presence from the fourth largest state in the union.

The closest Obama has come to appointing a Floridian to the cabinet is the selection of Carol Browner as Climate Change advisor. Of course Browner actually did hold a cabinet position in the Clinton White House. With the Commerce Secretary position open, President elect Obama would be well advised to select Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, whose tenure leading the Magic City has been successful while the city has prospered. I’m not holding my breathe however for a Diaz appointment or that of any other Floridian to the position. Obama has clearly demonstrated with his picks thus far he is more interested in the media’s approval and scoring political points on Capital Hill than selecting a diverse group.




4 responses

12 01 2009
Proud Florida Liberal

I support President Obama.

But his cabinet has been too centrist and worse is the selection of Rick Warren, an agent of intolerance to preside over the inauguration. It’s no small irony that “Milk” opened in theaters the same week Obama selected Warren to do the invocation.

12 01 2009

What about the lack of women in his cabinet?

12 01 2009

Why should we care where cabinet appointments are from?

13 01 2009
GOP Operative

He could have picked Scott Maddox for a top economic post.

Here in Florida we know how good he is at balancing ah I mean cooking the books………..

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