Why Do Dade County Republicans Consistently Vote Against the Area’s Interest?

14 01 2009

By Kartik Krishnaiyer

Well, it has happened again. Ever since the Republicans gained a majority in Florida Legislature, the Republican delegation from Miami-Dade County has consistently sided with the ideological and partisan priorities of the Republican Party over the very real concerns of Florida’s most urban and most populated county.

One after another after another, Republican legislators from Miami-Dade have placed advancement within the party caucus and approval on the Tallahassee cocktail party circuit over their own consistency. When Governor Lawton Chiles tried to ensure adequate funding for school facilities the GOP legislators from Miami-Dade county went along with a plan pushed by North Florida Republicans to count portable classrooms as permanent classroom space.

This change in the law would have affected Miami-Dade County more adversely than any other school district in the state. When Governor Chiles called the legislature back into special session to fix the mess they had created, Miami-Dade Republicans caved but only after the voices of their constituents had been aired loudly.

When Jeb Bush became Governor, the Miami Republicans impressed by their access to power continued their crusade against their constituents. Repeatedly, Republicans from Miami-Dade voted to cut projected spending for Education, Health Care and Children’s Services. They voiced on many occasions strong opposition to capping the size for Florida’s public school classrooms despite repeated calls from parents and teachers in Miami- Dade County to do so.

As the Republican majority grew, Miami-Dade Republicans perhaps insecure with the fact they were from liberal South Florida became more radicalized and further to the right on budgetary matters than many Republicans from other parts of the state. Marco Rubio and Ralph Arza emerged as conservative champions statewide for their demagogic rhetoric towards taxes and government spending. The Miami-Dade Republicans were proving nobody in Florida would get around them to the right.

In this current budget crisis, Governor Charlie Crist and State Senator JD Alexander have made mistakes but have also tried to honestly deal with Florida’s problems. But key Miami-Dade Republicans David Rivera and Anitere Flores have ignored the attempted moderation of the Governor and the welfare of their constituents in helping to craft a budget that can be best described as a statement of conservative ideological priorities.

For many years Miami-Dade County was seen as the sole bastion of Florida liberalism. As Republicans ascended in the county they seemed to have one goal in mind: punish the liberals and punish those who supported the liberals. Sadly for many constituents of Republican lawmakers from Miami-Dade, that meant them.




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14 01 2009

A very well thought out and reasonable piece.

Probably the best thing on this site yet.

I hate to say it but it is because Cuban-Americans are in love with the Republicans and still blame Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs. That is the only thing missing in your article. You needed to mention all the legislators in question are Cuban-Americans while many of their constituents are poor typical urban residents.

They think they are representing the rural panhandle or something of that sorts.

14 01 2009

Some Republicans in Miami-Dade aren’t as shortsighted as the ones you name.

In fact when the school budget cuts came down in 2003-04 thanks to the DCD many Dade republicans towed the line while some actually voted with the Democrats.

14 01 2009

What about ellen bogdonoff and adam hasner. They are traitors to south florida also. u can blame dade republicans but not broward ones?

14 01 2009
Proud Florida Liberal


This is precisely why this site needs to be around.

The mainstream media and the TV hacks won’t come right and say it but certain Republicans from south Florida including the two Broward ones named above have sold out their districts and constituents for political power.

That’s the bottom line. They have picked politics over people.

14 01 2009
Ani fan

I just love when Rep. Kiar poses a question to Flores…she has an answer for everything. She’s the true culprit in this.

15 01 2009

Simpy pathetic the mistakes the GOP has made.

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