Taking on Tom Rooney

26 01 2009

By Kartik Krishnaiyer

Tom Rooney’s resounding win over scandal plagued Congressman Tim Mahoney was a rare GOP pickup in Democratic 2008 nationally.The seat which leans Republican is the type of seat the right kind of Democrat can win and solidify a hold on. But Tim Mahoney was an accidental congressman and was always going to have to fight to hold the seat.

Democratic Party insiders are hopeful of a potential candidacy by Senator Dave Aronberg who would not be forced to resign his Legislative seat thanks to a recent change in the state law. Aronberg who has successfully won and defended a marginal coast to coast Senate seat for three successive elections has the moderate profile and legislative record Democrats locally are looking for.

Rumors have been abound that Aronberg a former Deputy Attorney General under Bob Butterworth may be interested in seeking the Attorney General office himself. But in order to do that, Aronberg would be forced to resign his Senate Seat. Additionally, Bill McCollum the incumbent may or may not seek the US Senate seat which he failed to gain in 2004.

A failure by the Democrats to recruit the strongest possible candidate in 2010 against Rooney especially headed into the redistricting process could spell the permanent return of FL-16 to the GOP. That’s precisely why a potential Aronberg candidacy is garnering so much buzz locally.